Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Wreaths

For Halloween i made a simple, small wreath. I bought a spool of tulle in black at Walmart for under $3. I used a green foam wreath- the one you use with artificial flowers, because I couldn't find a small enough styrofoam one. I have 3 mini pumpkins underneath where it hangs, and I thought a big one would look a little funny. I bought a bag of Halloween snakes, spiders, rings, mice for $2 at Big Lots, and put them together to make this little beauty:
Unfortunately hot glue and the spiders didn't mix. I shoved a pin through each of the spiders bodies, in the black part and used a sharpie to black out the head of the pin. I am just nit picky like that, you honestly couldn't see it when it was hung up on the wall. I of course knew it was there and it irked me to no end :)
For the rest of the Fall/Thanksgiving season, I found a GREAT tutorial from Six Sisters' Stuff . The only thing I did differently was use some scrap fabric instead of felt for the ruffle. I absolutely LOVE this one, and will be sure to keep it for next year. Since making wreaths I have a tendency to try a new one every year lol :)

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